EG Gaffin-Cahn Lab PictureThanks for checking in! I'm a second-year graduate student at NYU trying to make the most of the incredible offerings New York City has. I decided to make this website to share my research, promote some of my values in science advocacy, and give people a fuller picture of who I am.

I periodically add new postings to the Blogarita, my margarita micro-blog, and the Thoughts page, where I share a piece of news, an experience, or an idea about how I think the world works. My goals for these postings are to inform and to inspire people to think critically. If neither of those goals are realized, then I simply hope people will enjoy reading and thinking about them.

The font I've used on this website is not from your standard font book. It was designed by Chester Jenkins, who was commissioned by the Cooper Hewitt museum. The museum, which I highly recommend, is a branch of the Smithsonian and which showcases the process of design as both an art and a method of creation with the end user in mind. The entire museum is dedicated to this process, doing so by using examples such as prosthetic limbs, clothing, and architecture. One of the exhibits features the official Cooper-Hewitt Typeface, including several of the designs scrapped before the final one was decided upon. One of the styles of the font's final iteration is the one used on this website.